Central European University is a US-style, internationally recognized institution of post-graduate education in the social sciences and humanities. The summer school draws its student body of around 500 participants annually from more than 80 countries and its faculty from over 35 countries.

In 2012 the summer school (June 4-July 27, 2012, Budapest, Hungary), offers 8 high-level, research-oriented, interdisciplinary academic courses as well as 9 workshops on policy issues for professional development (see list below), taught by internationally renowned scholars and policy experts (including CEU faculty). Application from all over the world is encouraged. Financial aid is available.

2012 course list:
Research-Intensive courses:

●    Adaptive Thinking for Navigating the Anthropocene
●    Advanced European Union Legal Practice
●    Comparative Regionalisms: Changing Forms of Governance in Asia, Africa and the Americas and the Effects on the World Order ●    Managing Social Vulnerability: Welfare and Penal Systems in
Comparative Perspective
●    Polemos/Pulmus: Ways of Confrontation in Judaism, Paganism and
Christianity in Late Antiquity
●    Power and Dynamics of Civil Resistance
●    Problems of the Self
●    The Politics of Citizenship

Policy and Training courses:

●    Green Industry: Moving Towards the Industry of the Future
●    Human Rights and Drug Policy
●    Human Rights Litigation
●    Leadership and Management for Integrity
●    Mediation and Other Methods to Foster Democratic Dialogue
●    Mental Disability Law
●    Online Free Expression and Communication Policy Advocacy: a
Toolkit for Media Development
●    Policies and Practices in Access to Digital Archives: Towards a
New Research and Policy Agenda
●    Sustainable Human Development
●    Towards a Political Economy of Education